Danna Glaser
Dear Tamar,

Rarely do we tell people the whole truth of what is in our hearts. I don't want to be guilty of holding back the mountain of appreciation that I feel for you. So I've decided to try and express all that I feel for you - what you have given me professionally, vocally and personally.
From earliest childhood I wanted to sing. You helped me realize my dream! Thanks to your belief in me, and with endless patience and dedication, you taught me technique and step by step developed my voice. Today I enjoy singing great music with great conductors in many places in the world.
From the very beginning, long before I could really sing, you heard in my voice the roles of Aida and the Verdi Requiem. You took me to my first international competition, the Maria Callas Grand Prix in Athens, where I won first prize. I wondered then how you knew that it was the right moment to send me forth. You have the unique ability to understand a voice and discern its future development and are therefore extremely adept at choosing appropriate repertoire to best develop your students' voices. You prepared me for my opera debut as Aida in Gütteberg and all that followed. I went to Europe armed with Verdi, Puccini, Wagner and Strauss prepared to respond to conductors such as Sinopoli in the Rome Opera; Oren in Verona Arena; Gatti in Bologna Comunale; Ceccato in Milano, Malaga, Palermo, Copenhagen; Segal in Siville, Jerusalem; Mehta with the Israel Philharmonic and Maggio Musicale di Firenze as well as performances in Sweden, France, Italy, Norway and others.
Always professional - always demanding - always understanding - always available - you drew on your own stage experience as a soprano to prepare me for the reality of auditions, disappointments, and successes. You helped me prepare for the loneliness and the heavy toll on the family when mother is a singer.
I want to especially mention your legendary pianissimo: thanks to you I am able to sing the "filati"- pianissimo -always, visualizing your demonstration... you transferred your passion and control to me.
Today I am a teacher. How does one learn to teach? I know of no instruction book or course. So I draw on the rich background of weeks and years of lessons with you - each one is like a great Master Class full of wisdom that you so generously share. I am trying to follow in your footsteps remembering always your message that the voice is part of the physical and emotional makeup of a person.
Whatever I sing today, I sing with you behind me. Whenever I teach, you guide me. When I care for my son, I look to Omri...
You turned my life into song.
With respect and affection,

Danna Glaser

December 1, 2006

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