Elke Ulrich Engel
Berlin, November 22nd of 2005

It was coincidence that I met Tamar Rachum in Riva-del Garda. Intending to participate in the auditions for agencies that were taking place at the end of the course, I participated in a master class that she held.

But it took only a couple of minutes of work together for me to understand the impact that Tamar's technique would have on my singing career. Her sensitivity to details led her to improve my practice dramatically. She suggested creative singing exercises, which corrected my problems and enriched my technique. Her straight-forward approach gave finally answer to the questions I had despite having already graduated from University with excellence and having opened a career in opera-houses in Germany.

These experiences in Riva del Garda inspired me to book immediately a flight to Tel-Aviv to continue studying with Tamar after the master class.

Till this day, I fly regularly to Tel-Aviv, to stay in shape with my voice, and prepare for on coming appearances.

Elke Ullrich

e-mail: elkeonline@gmail.com