Eva Wenniges
Prof. Tamar Rachum

It was a life-changing and delightful experience for me to work with Mrs. Professor Tamar Rachum. When I came to her I had only a very blur picture of what my voice is like and if I should sing at all. At that time I was studying voice in Germany and I was considering stopping it because I felt that there was no significant development. But gratefully I came to her and she was the first teacher I had that understood my voice and was able to teach it accordingly.

To be taught by her also meant for me to adjust to the fact that she never lets me go, before I haven't given her my maximum. But she herself does the same thing too. She is unbelievably energetic while teaching! I as a reserved German had first to get used to that ;-)

But on the other hand she has a lot of patience. She gives the voice (and the person!) the time that it needs to develop, but always with a clear picture of what the voice can achieve. In addition she is a teacher who has trust and hope in her students. This is a side in her that I especially appreciate. It really takes a lot of strength, confidence and effort to go to auditions and she is able to help you with all of that. But she'll never be unrealistic. She'll not make you go for things that you can't do.

Prof. Tamar Rachum is a warm person, who gives honest advises, not just concerning singing, but she gives-when asked- also advises in personal matters. That is very crucial because as a young singer, you have so many questions and uncertainties (at least I ;-) concerning career, life-plan and so on. It was such an important moment for me when I told her about the baby I am going to have and she was affirming me that this decision was right.

In general I can say that she has an incredible knowledge about the voice and she has the rare talent to fore-hear the real quality of a singer's voice, even if the student is not very advanced- just as it was in my case. And then she is very steadfast in her teaching to pursue her "vision" of the voice. It was a pleasure to witness many times how this "vision" came to pass, even though it seemed sometimes impossible. And what a joy and relief it was for me to notice that my wish to sing didn't have to stay a wish but became reality!

Meine liebe Tamar, ich bin mir bewusst, wie viel ich Dir verdanke, und mit diesen Zeilen moechte ich dir meine tiefe Verehrung ausdruecken fuer dich als Lehrerin und auch als Mensch,

Deine Eva

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