Goni Bar-Sela
My dear Prof. Tamar Rachum

I started my studying with you Tamar in 1985. My earlier studies in the music Academy in Tel Aviv as a choir conductor were completed few years earlier. During all my years as a music student I took voice lessons with several teachers. I didn't feel I was going anywhere or improving my technique. Until I met you and became your student.
In a short time I was progressing exceedingly. With a lot of hard and uncompromising work I regained my self-confidence as a singer and enjoyed every minute of my lessons with you.
Under your guidance I learned good and healthy technic, stage performance, repertoire of opera and lieder.
I was taught how to practice, how to work by myself and build my self-confidence as a singer and performer.
I was studying 4 years with you and in my 3rd year became your assistant.
Thanks to yours teaching I became a singer and a voice teacher myself.

Gony Bar-Sela