My beloved mentor,
How can I fine-tune my words to express the boundless joy that resonates in my soul every time I reflect on the influence you have over my life?

You discovered my vocal gifts more than three decades ago and have been my mentor and guiding light ever since, leading me through life and music. You have taught me to gain that which my heart desires. You became a part of my family

My life's most important milestones are marked by your blessing and are eternally touched by your kind and graceful presence:
showing me what a heavenly gift a voice can be, and how to master it; teaching me how to share it with the world and fostering my international career; directing me to turn my pedagogic inclination into a vocation of sharing my knowledge of singing and music with young and gifted students in a joyful academic career; taking part in all my premiers, especially in the greatest of all- the birth of my dear son and standing by my side at my wedding to my beloved husband.
I wish to extend my deepest gratefulness to a "mensch" in the full sense of the word, a much-admired singer, a radiant personality, and an extraordinary teacher from whom I was privileged to learn.

Behind my career breakthrough, is a wonderful, clever, infinitely generous and modest woman who changed my life forever.

Hilde, you will always light my way in life.
"HABE DANK" - Have my thanks