Hilde Zadek – Biography
Kammersänger Professor Hilde Zadek was born in 15.12.1917 in Bromberg, to a Jewish family and raised in Stettin, Germany. As consequence of the Nazis rise Hilde Zadek emigrated to Palestine in 1935.
Zadek studied and graduated as a maternity nurse and for few years, she worked at the "Bikur Cholim" hospital in Jerusalem. Her family remained in Germany, and her father was taken to Sachesnhausen concentration camp. Zadek made a money deposit in order to obtain an entrance visa for her relatives. Through her efforts, Her family managed to escape from Europe just in time before the second world war broke out, and they all reunited in Jerusalem in 1939.
Between 1940 -1945 Zadek took professional singing at the Academy of Music in Jerusalem. Her head professor was the renowned composer Josef Tal, and her singing teacher was Ms. Edit Boroschek.

In 1942 Hilde Zadek was privileged to give many concerts and recitals, around the country with Prof. Josef Tal who became one of her best friend.
In 1945, Zadek received a scholarship from the Conservatory of Music in Zürich, for further education.
In Zürich Hilde Zadek auditioned to the director of the Vienna State Opera Mr. Franz Salmhofer who offered her a contract for the Vienna State Opera.
In 1947 Hilde Zadek arrived in Vienna and got an engagement with the Vienna State Opera and made her debut as "Aida", alongside famous singers of her time.
This debut was a grand success followed by another 25 glamorous years, that Zadek was one the greatest and celebrated Diva in the world.
Hilde Zadek performed all the dramatic soprano leading opera roles from the classic through the romantic till the modern period.
During her successful career, Hilde Zadek has performed at the major opera houses such as The Metropolitan Opera in New York, The Covent Garden Royal Opera House in London, Rome, Munich, and Paris to mention only a few, and in many festivals including Salzburg, Edinburgh and Glyndenbourne. In addition she made numerous recordings from the Baroque to the Contemporary, Opera, Operetta and Lied with the world's most eloquent conductors, such as Sir Tomas Beecham, Sir Malcolm Seargent, Josef Krips, Erich Kleiber, Carlos Kleiber Michael Gielen, Pinchas Stenberg, Klemperer, Mitropoulous, Klemens Kraus, and Herbert von Karajan, to mention only a few.
For her outstanding achievements, Hilde Zadek has received every possible honor from the Austrian Government, including :
österreichische Ehrenkreuz für Wissenschaft und kunst
1st klasse Ehrenmitgsied der Wiener Stddtsoper
Ehrenmedaille der Bundeshauphstadt Wien in Gold
To this day, Zadek is an "Ehrenmitglied" (honourable member) of the Vienna State Opera. Throughout her career, she has also received numerous awards, prizes and marks of distinction from all over the world.
In 1964, while still at the peak of her singing career, Zadek was offered a teaching post at the Vienna Conservatory. She stayed there for fifteen years, and soon advanced to being the Director of the Voice Department, which she then led for over ten years until she retired.
In 1971, Zadek fully dedicated herself to the Conservatory, and received a professorship. She took advantage of this unique opportunity to raise a new generation of singers, not only in Europe, but also in China, Japan, Israel, The United States, and many other places. Endless number of her students are being celebrated in all the grate opera houses all over the world and serves as voice teachers and directors in many major universities all around the globe.
Among her most famous students, we find the Israeli Soprano Tamar Rachum, who was discovered by Zadek in a master class, and was immediately awarded a scholarship to study in Vienna. Rachum arrived in Vienna, and under the tutoring of Zadek, became a well known opera singer by her own right. Rachum followed the example of Zadek, proceeded to teaching, received a professorship, and was nominated the head of the voice department at the Rubin Academy in Tel-Aviv, now known as the Buchman- Mehta school of music. Many of Prof. Rachum's students have also made a name for themselves, as singers and vocal teachers, and pursued international careers. In that way, the torch, lighted by Zadek, is passed on from one generation to another.

After Zadek retired from professional singing, teaching has become her main passion, and she has been practicing it for over 40 years. To this day, she devotes much of her time to working with young students and encouraging them to develop their talent.
At the age of 89, Zadek is a leading authority on the subject of classical singing.
Her varied life experience, and noble qualities, have turned her into a highly sought and popular lecturer, and she still conducts master classes over the world.
Throughout her career, Zadek kept Israel close to her heart. Her generosity in general, and particularly towards the Tel-Aviv University, The Buchman-Mehta School of music, is unforgettable.
Zadek used her fame and success to promote young singers and the singing life in the entire world.
A documentary film about Hilde Zadek's life and work "Singing as a Path" was directed by Walter Whemeyer, and was broadcasted all over Europe and Japan.
The film explores the life story of this world-renowned opera star and remarkable woman, as recounted by the singer herself, and the people who know her best - her friends, colleagues, critics and fellow musicians.
Hilde Zadek's autobiography is available from the B?hlau Edition, Vienna Austria.
Through the Hilde Zadek Foundation, which was initiated in 1997 by Prof. Maria Venuti, the "International Hilde Zadek Voice Competition", held every two years, highlights the special achievement of a great artist and promotes the development of gifted young performers. The competition was initiated in 1998, and recently took place for the 4th time in September, 2005 in Vienna, Austria.
The Hilde Zadek Foundation, is giving scholarship to young talented singers.