Ira Barsky

I study with Prof. Tamar Rachum since 1995, and I always come back to see her, as she is the best 'barometer' for my voice. During my professional life I have met many artists, teachers, colleagues, However, never anyone so loyal and honest to me and to my voice as Tamar Rachum.

It is less of a 'Kunst' to teach someone with a lovely natural voice. Tamar Rachum has also the rare ability to take a singer from scratch and turn it into a lovely, blossoming voice. As I have watched a lot of her lessons, she possesses a 'healing' power over damaged voices, like a doctor.
Her musical intelligence is so high, that I always felt I was getting two lessons for one - vocal technique and musical-coaching!

With me, apart from the vocal and musical training, Tamar has been a very important influence on my individual growth.
With the technique that she has given me, and with her strong character, and self-confidence, I have managed to develop my own self-belief and self-confidence. Today I sing with open soul and I am the happiest singer in the world.
Thanks to you Tamar.

Ira Barski - Landsberg