Irit Stark

Dear Prof. Tamar Rachum

I first came to Prof. Rachum three years ago, after having learned with some of the world's best renowned teachers.

It became immediately clear to me, that I arrived at the right place.
Prof. Rachum did not expect me to "forget" every thing I've learned in many years of hard labor, but found the way to allow me to open up to the new information, incorporating the old knowledge, into her, solid, safe, trustworthy technique, redounding the unnecessary parts with typical elegance, and allowing the voice to shine in all its beauty - With simplicity
Also, thanks to her unusual vast knowledge of music, Prof. Rachum was able to direct me to my exact repertoire, where I was able to enjoy the special characteristics of my voice.

However, this is not the only reason I feel obliged to Prof. Rachum (or as I am accustomed to call her - Tamar).
I slowly learned that with her I have a "home".
By this I mean, that safe familiar feeling that allows an educator to mold us, into fulfilling our full potential.
In this metaphoric place criticism is conveyed in such a manner that allows us to accept it, and is trusted because of its rightfulness, and the rightfulness of its intentions.

The general feeling of confidence, I received from Prof. Rachum, by the precious knowledge she passed on to me and I incorporated and through her attitude. Is a wonderful sentiment I carry with me in all time. Performing, auditioning, teaching and in many other aspects of my life.

Irit Stark, Soprano