Harlequine Prize
The "Frankfurt Harlequin" for Tamar Rachum

In their Theaterjournal "AKT" from July/August, the Frankfurt Volksb?hne announces:
Following a survey of their friends and members, the Frankfurt Volksb?hne decided to award the Frankfurt Opera Singer Tamar Rachum with this year's Volksb?hne Theater Prize: The "Frankfurt Harlequin".
Tamar Rachum is a young Israeli Opera Singer, who has been trained by the world-famous Kammers?ngerin Hilde Zadek.
Mrs. Rachum was discovered by Mrs. Zadek in Israel; she brought her to Vienna in 1971 and trained her until 1977.
Michael Gielen brought the bright, young singer to the Opera of Frankfurt where she has been admired by the Frankfurt Opera audience - and beyond - and where she stood out for the last 3 years as a Lyric Soprano.
Her strong voice and her absolute empathy with her respective characters, made her one of the most favored singers in Frankfurt.
Her numerous solo performances also draw the attention of Opera connoisseurs all around the globe.

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